Curtis Williams – Half Forgotten Daydreams [Mixtape Download]

Eazee Street

My bad ya’ll…I’ve been playing this advance copy so much that I forgot that the real one dropped. I’m slipping, happened to be going through my inbox and came across this and I remembered I was supposed to share with ya’ll. I told you that I got to meet the Two-9 folks and they laced me with some music. Two projects were advance copies. I already posted Reese’s project DSNRTRAPN and told you we’d talk about the other project that’s been in rotation. Welp this is that one, Curtis Williams’ HFDD [Half Forgotten Daydreams]. It’s got some dope tracks and has a real cohesive feel and shows plenty of promise for the young emcee. My personal favorite has been “1000 More Blunts” as that has been on repeat [and iont even smoke]. Download the mixtape below.


HFDD – Curtis Williams [or Two-9]

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By cloud9musik

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