Who’s Got The Moves Like Jagger? Wiz Khalifa

WZMX Hot 93.7

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine may boast that he has the moves like Jagger, but when the Under the Influence of Music Tour invaded Connecticut last week, Wiz Khalifa demonstrated that he too can command the stage as well as The Rolling Stones frontman.

“That is such a huge compliment for me because when I watch stuff like that, I am just so entertained, I feel so happy,” said Khalifa after his energized performance. “To make people that happy is really enjoyable to me.”

Like the Stones, Wiz Khalifa always strives to make his live shows a spectacle. He currently brings along a talented production team to create the impressive light show that accompanies him on stage.

“I try to build on it,” he said. “[I try to] take it from what people expect it to be, and then just do it a little bit better. Not too crazy, but just…

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