Scatta R. Pee”Chicken Mane”


Scatta R Pee is bringing back real in the music game. You can be yourself and still make progress. Everybody feels the industry is real and its fake. Well support a artist like Scatta R. Pee hailing from the Jersey area. With his single “Chicken Mane” you know its from a cat from up top. To most people chicken is food. But in the Tri-State area that means money!! lol. The track is original the beat sounds a little out of date. But for some reason I still liked it. I feel like they know how to create a song. Scatta tells the story of getting money and doing what you have to do. No matter if its grinding or working a 9 to 5. This is something to motivate and i wouldnt share it if it was trash. Check it out for yourself and share if you like!!


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