Iggy Azalea Covers Complex Magazine Nude

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Iggy Azalea gives us that “Work” as she blossoms the October/November cover of Complex Mag naked. Here is a portion of her Q&A and Cover with Complex.

You’ve been fortunate to be around veterans like T.I. at Grand Hustle Records and Nas, who you toured with. What are the greatest lessons they’ve taught you?

Nas encourages me to take risks. He’s made me be less afraid and even more unapologetic. Even with “Bounce,” I was like, “It’s a pop record. I don’t know.” He was like, “Just f****** do it. It’s something different. It’s one song, what’s the big deal?” I couldn’t believe Nas was telling me to do a hip-pop record. The thing that I learned from both of them is to be unaffected by everything. There were a lot of sad days in that studio, and T.I. would be like, “Look, shawty…” and give me a spiel about how…

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